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With SAP HANA, all data is available in main memory, which avoids the performance penalty of disk I/O (i.e. read/write to auxiliary memory). R/2 and R/3 are technically optimised as systems to record data. The late 90s saw the release of the first business warehouse system . This system is technically architected to analyse data. Organisations would use ERP to record data and carry out simple real-time reporting and then send data in daily batches to BW for more complex analysis. With ERP When warehousing update inventory, the accounting records are updated automatically in real-time.

  • Music Monday was originally used to share the music you were listening to that day.
  • You need to be authentic and not spammy, otherwise Reddit’s audience will reject your business.
  • You can use React Native today in your existing Android and iOS projects or you can create a whole new app from scratch.
  • In email marketing, for instance, CTR describes the rate at which people clicked on a link in an email, taking into consideration the number of people who received the email.
  • It’s good to see SAP doing a lot to simplify and re-engineer the core, but as you say it’s still based on the original core.
  • I think I understand that Mexico is slashing pines to grow avocados.

Here are the best 15 subreddits to binge when you have nothing to do. Learn the strategies and tactics to take your social media marketing to new heights. Buffer is the all-you-need social media toolkit that lets you focus on doing what you love for your business. This refers to all the different types of content—articles, updates, comments, videos, photos, etc.—that are produced by a site’s users. For instance, all the great presentations on SlideShare are UGC.

Accessing data frame through a set of dataframe names

But there are plenty of reasons to put some time into learning how to use Reddit. The set.seed() function allow you to make a reproducible set of random numbers. We can use a p value to assess the probability of observing a value of \(\hat\) as or more extreme than expected under the null hypothesis. Though, as most folks know, p values are sensitive to issues of sample size and need to be interpreted carefully. I’m not a big fan of them, but no discussion of probability in epidemiology would be complete without a consideration of p values. The best I have ever read and seen and for someone like me who is not ‘techie’ it really is phenomenal. The issue is that SAP is no longer the center of the enterprise world and it feels. And Finance is no longer the realm of a few million transactions coming from within the enterprise and some 30 year old EAI interfaces. Yes, I’m referring to the database now being Internet and integrated reporting being the new Finance.
A community management plan can lead to higher engagement with Redditors and more sales. There’s a subreddit for everything, and that includes deals. If you’ve got a discount code or are running a sale, you can share it in communities such as r/deals, where savvy shoppers tend to hang out. Get alerts when someone mentions your brand name or related product terms. Once you receive an alert, you can quickly respond to the conversation and change the way Redditors see your brand. Posting and commenting on Reddit is how you get upvotes that lead to karma, which is Reddit’s way of quantifying the contributions of each user.

What listeners say about Explain Like I’m 5: Bite sized answers to stuff you should know about

The third; parallel processing, is a fairly common concept where modern computers can use multiple processors simultaneously on an operation. This brings us to the 2010s where part of the focus from SAP is on reducing the complexity of the core product, while also continuing to advance in new technologies. HANA plays a significant role in reducing complexity and bringing real-time back to include analytics capabilities. Furthermore the architecture for many companies was becoming somewhat convoluted with many different applications from different providers. This, in fact, leads to a lot more solutions in areas like interfacing https://www.beaxy.com/features/signals/ and master data management. What’s interesting to note is that with the addition of business warehouse the SAP solution was no longer a real-time integrated architecture. When talking about R/3 it’s also important to consider scale and globalisation. Mainframe systems were typically implemented for a single country or business unit. The cheaper more scalable architecture of R/3 provided an opportunity to implement one R/3 system covering an organisations business across an entire region or the world. This is important as it’s one of the factors which lead to bigger data volumes and more performance challenges.

Sure, there are thousands of more amazing subreddits but these are what we feel are the best. So, choose the ones that you like and let us know how you like them. No matter how much we get scared, we all love horror stories, don’t we? So, if you want to be wide awake in the middle of the night, visit the No Sleep subreddit, which features some of the best spooky stories. There are thousands of beautiful and unique websites we have no idea of and the Internet is Beautiful subreddit helps you change that. If you know of a unique website, you can share it on the subreddit, while also getting to know some of the unheard yet amazing websites. There’s a similar subreddit for Android users as well, aptly dubbedAndroid is Beautiful. There’s a cool Camping and Hiking subreddit for all you people out there who love to backpack and go to trips. If you are a gamer and want to stay updated on the new happenings in the gaming world, you should follow the /r/gaming subreddit. It is also a place where you can check out some cool cosplays and funny gaming memes.

Individual contributions to subreddits, posts, and discussions are the lifeblood of the site. Posting and commenting on Reddit is also how you get upvotes which increase your karma. Post karma is earned from upvotes on the posts you share in subreddits. Users can also comment on posts after creating an account. Commenting is one of Reddit’s core features, and it is the primary way for users to interact with each other, besides private messaging. Comments, like posts, can be voted on by users and are then ranked accordingly. The comment with the highest number of votes sits at the top of the comment section and is referred to as the top comment.

Jan. 6 Committee’s prime-time hearing Thursday — what Trump did all day – Deseret News

Jan. 6 Committee’s prime-time hearing Thursday — what Trump did all day.

Posted: Tue, 19 Jul 2022 22:05:00 GMT [source]

The most interesting threads discussing deep questions like whether it’d be possible for the whole planet to speak only one language get thousands of comments. This abbreviation may appear in a comment, post, or tweet, where the user is mentioning they weren’t able to completely read an article because of its length. Also, some articles or notes may include this abbreviation in lieu of a summary heading. This social media meme has people sharing which outfit they’re wearing that day. Popular on Instagram, OOTD often will appear as a hashtag. What’s more, it’s common for users to have a couple of “main” accounts and several “throwaway accounts” they use for specific situations or subreddits. R/explainlikeimfive, the subreddit where users break down complicated subjects into terms a 5-year-old could understand, now has a dedicated webseries. It features two actors, Michael Kayne and Langan Kingsley, who explain the users’ favorite concepts to real-life 5-year-olds.

If you’re looking for someone who lives near you to hire full time, you can post about the job in your city or region’s subreddit (e.g., r/Toronto, if you’re hiring in Toronto). Or you can post in the subreddits dedicated to the skills you need (e.g., r/copywriting, if you’re looking for a copywriter). Make a list of very niche subreddits that you’re in a good position to contribute to because you’re an expert or enthusiast. Then go to the New tab and see if there are any relevant questions you can answer. Reddit is an entirely different world compared to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or wherever else you might spend your time online. So in a way, Snoo—Reddit’s iconic alien pictured in this post’s header—is a fitting mascot for this strange, wildly popular community-based website. You may, on some occasion, want to plot a curve or probability distribution. Here are a couple of approaches to plotting a standard normal curve but, they can be used for other probability distributions. The first comes from Tomas Aragon, the second from John Fox.
So, simply visit r/yourcity OR r/yourcountry and you should get all the news & updates regarding your city or country. For example, you can see the r/India page in the picture below. Try speaking “NoNoNoNoYes” out loud and you’ll know what the subreddit is all about. It features some of the most hilarious GIFs and videos around things that are going wrong but unexpectedly get right at the end. There are some other similar funny subreddits likeYesYesYesYesNoand more. If you love buying Anime stuff, you can check outAnime Dealsas well.
r explain like i'm 5
The experiment was a massive success among the platform’s users having attracted over 16 million tiles from a million people, according to The Verge. The users can place one pixel at a time, once every five minutes, by simply tapping on it. Start your free 14-day trial of Shopify—no credit card required. Using Reddit ads, Noom can reach a passionate, targeted audience and promote its product. The brand uses relatable copy, focusing on community members’ desire for healthy habits, and an eye-catching graphic that encourages users to act with a Take the Quiz CTA. Read more about bitcoin coverter here. Reddit is a great place for Gymshark to create a community of fans.

SAP projects can be complex and challenging partly due to this lack of knowledge. SAP has been addressing this by improving their communications and training, but understanding HANA can still be quite a lot to navigate. Recent years have seen a resurgence in large organisations taking on major SAP upgrades with the relatively new SAP business suite 4 HANA (S/4HANA) collection of applications. How is implementing or upgrading to it different from the R/3 upgrades that were significant programs for many organizations over the last few decades? As SAPs core products have advanced and their portfolio has broadened it’s become difficult to understand how it all fits together. Reddit might feel like a bloated mess when you visit it at first but once you get to know the best subreddits, you will want more. The good news is, you don’t need to search anymore, as these are the best subreddits on Reddit.
r explain like i'm 5
One business benefit of using Reddit is that you can reach a large audience, organically and through paid ads. You can easily find and connect with potential customers relevant to your products. Plus, you can learn about different cultural and popular trends by browsing subreddits. Like any social network, you can also use Reddit to find and hire specific talent.

Bootstrapping is type of sampling where the underlying probability distribution is either unknown or intractable. You can think of it as a way to assess the role fo chance when there is no simple answer. You use observed data to calculate rates, and then apply those rates to a simulated population created using one of R’s probability distribution functions, like rbinom(). Hi Charles, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting.

The Secret History Of The Internet’s Funniest Buzzer-Beater – Defector

The Secret History Of The Internet’s Funniest Buzzer-Beater.

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Why people in the US, despite spending more on health than any other country, remain less healthy and live shorter lives than people in other rich nations. Reddit is similar to Digg, another user-generated social networking site. This marketing measurement looks at the amount of profit you make based on the difference between revenue and expenses. In social media marketing, ROI tends to be an elusive metric since revenue can be difficult to measure directly from social. Often times, ROI is extended to include a return in clicks, engagement, or new followers based on the time and resources devoted to a social network. This copywriting formula helps devise a list of events that a reader can take toward converting. It’s particularly effective in website copy, online ads, email, blog posts, and social media updates. Social media website is commonly defined as a network platform that people use to share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities. React Native lets you create truly native apps and doesn’t compromise your users’ experiences.

I Took a Picture is a great subreddit for all you budding photographers out there. It features a great community of amateur as well as professional photographers, so you can expect some useful feedback. Also, don’t be shy to post your doubts because it’s a platform aimed at helping photographers. Even if you don’t necessarily have a question for the community, you can simply use this subreddit as an ultimate time-killing machine. It is also worth pointing out that there are plenty of “Ask” subreddits aimed at specific different categories likeAskScience,AskEngineers, etc., so be sure to check them as well. Another way to think about this is “sentiment.” What are people saying about your brand or product? Word of mouth has some huge implications for growth, and it spreads even faster as social media expands as a medium. Like Man crush Monday, Woman crush Wednesday is a chance for social media users to share an update or a photo with reference to a woman they like or admire. Certain social media dashboards and website tracking tools measure data in real-time. For instance, Chartbeat can tell you how many visitors are on your website this moment, including which pages they’re on and how they’re interacting with your site.

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